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7月| 正是江南好风景July | It's the beautiful scenery-当前速递

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July is the most beautiful season in Jiangnan, with blue sky and white clouds, green trees and red flowers, and breathtaking beauty. On summer nights, a gentle breeze blows through, with a hint of freshness, as if feeling the breath of nature.


In June, the grass blooms and is fragrant everywhere. In July, mixed with sorrow and joy, the wheat waves rolled along with the grass, until the ends of the earth.


In this July, I arrived at the ancient town of Jiangnan, which boasts charming scenery, ancient buildings, and a unique atmosphere of Jiangnan water town. When I first came here, the small bridge in the water town felt like I was in a dream.


The streets of the small town are bustling with people coming and going. I walk slowly through the crowd eating fried chicken, which is out of place with the beautiful scenery. Looking at various snack stalls in the streets and alleys, smelling the smell of fireworks, I feel the love and enjoyment of life among the people of Jiangnan.


In the depths of the alley, I saw a small tea house without a sign at the entrance. The house entered from the north and went straight to the southernmost side, where there was a platform that led directly to the small river. Looking out of the window, green trees brushed over, and the shops across the river were brightly lit, making me feel happy. Sitting down, with long benches and square tables, it was as if I had returned to the summer when I was a child sitting on the threshold of my hometown drinking tea.


Sitting down, the small tea house is decorated with simple and elegant tea sets that blend with the color of tea. The inner walls are snow-white, and as you taste the tea, you are filled with thoughts,


There was a light footstep sound, and looking up, there was a simple and elegant woman wearing an ordinary white dress. Ordinary clothes had such a temperament, and I was about to say: Boss, you haven't finished drinking yet, there's no need to add tea. Before she could speak, she smiled slightly and gently sat across from me. Originally, the seat outside the window only needed this eight immortal table.


We didn't speak, just sat quietly opposite each other. We didn't speak and could see that she was very tired. We poured out a cup of tea and handed it over. Time seemed to freeze in the teahouse. She glanced at it, took the tea, and at that glance, I seemed to see her inner world.


To my surprise, the owner of the tea house really put in a lot of effort to build a tea house. The best seat is an Eight Immortals table, which creates long-term emotions and beautiful thoughts, as well as wireless fate and possibilities.


In July, it was the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, and the night at the teahouse was even warmer and quieter. Moonlight shone through the leaves on her face, and she smiled. Her eyes were filled with love for life and longing for beauty. After drinking a pot of tea, she called out to the boss to add some, "Where are you from?" - "Changzhou, Jiangsu, you?" During the conversation, she learned that she worked in Nanjing and was specially granted a month's vacation. After traveling, she had already been to Yunnan, Fujian, and ancient towns in Jiangnan. She would go to Zhengding because the vacation was only three days long and the balance was not enough to travel north to Shijiazhuang and Beijing. She was not in good spirits that day and used the company's new products, Losing weight, just used it for 24 hours and vomited everything. Now it's better and you can drink tea


Time passed quickly in the teahouse, and before she knew it, it was already late. She stood up and smiled at me, 'Goodbye by chance.'. “


Then, he turned around and left the teahouse.


I stood still, watching her back drift away. I wanted to catch up, but due to indecision, I didn't know her name. I only know that she gave me a special feeling, a feeling that made me move.


In July, Jiangnan is picturesque, and the tea house in the ancient town of July has become the most beautiful place in my heart. In the next few days, I will come to that teahouse every day, hoping to meet again, although I know she has already gone to Zhengding and the probability of meeting is very small.


After several days of waiting, I never saw her again. I feel disappointed and helpless. I began to doubt whether she was just my fantasy, a beautiful dream I had created myself.


I am not willing to give up just like this. I have decided to search for her trace and find the girl that makes me heart beat. Immediately purchase tickets and depart from Nanjing.


Arriving in Nanjing, I was in the city center and left the train station. The station was so big that I couldn't get started. Along Central Street, follow the navigation, visit beauty stores one by one, ask many people, and finally find that store.


Upon seeing the consultant sign outside, I realized her name was Xiaomeng. When I entered the store, she was busy introducing customers. After her busy schedule, she discovered me and was surprised. Why are you here?


I am a regular customer of a teahouse, and we met there. I have a special feeling for you, so I came to see you,


Xiaomeng smiled on her face, I didn't expect you to be so lucky. I seem to have found the feeling of a family member who has been separated for many years. After work that day, we began to share stories and understand each other.


In July, the scenery and people in Jiangnan were very good. I had a beautiful memory and felt the fireworks of life and the expectations for the future.


To be continued.

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